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Are you a Moody Bride?

Molly & Tommy

Molly & Tommy

Not all brides are into the bright & airy photography style. They want to capture another feeling on their wedding day. The perfect sunset, the warmth they feel about their partner cannot be captured with an overexposed snapchat filter. They want a photographer that can give them something different. 

Photographer Alex Wisted reached out to us in regards to an inspiration shoot she was putting together for a moody couple. Something that was intriguing with a touch of vintage. We were able to source a Protea flower making a dark floral crown & greenery bouquet, perfect for our moody bridal clients. 

Together with her planner The Charming Details was able to source this stunning Wicker Chair for the couple shots. 

Whether your wedding is at the rooftop of Ventana's or in the pasture of Foxhall Resort, a moody wedding vibe can be achieved with an amazing photographer like Alex Wisted. She's been featured on Wandering Photographers several times because she captures the Golden Hour making her clients fall in love with it too. Check out more pics from her shoot here.

What exactly do I need for my event?

Venue, check. Caterer, check. Dj, check. Photographer, check. That's all we need right? Well thee are a few elements that we can assist you with to make your event look magical. Here are some areas that we can help add to your vision of a beautiful celebration:

  • Speciality Linen: Always start here. What does this feel like? What shade of purple will it be? We can send you custom swatches so you see & feel the fabric for yourself.
  • Napkins: First thing your guest will touch once they sit down. Do you have a fold in mind?
  • Centerpieces: Floral or Non-Floral? That is the question. It's totally up to your style & budget. Fortunately we can help with both.
  • Draping: Do I want to hide this brick wall? Can the guests see my uplighting? We can help with this as well.
  • Flatware: Yes we can get you that gold set you saw on Pinterest.