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What Exactly Do I Need for My Event?

Venue, check. Caterer, check. DJ, check. Photographer, check. That's all we need right? Well thee are a few elements that we can assist you with to make your event look magical. Here are some areas that we can help add to your vision of a beautiful celebration:

Specialty Linen: Always start here. What does this feel like? What shade of purple will it be? We can send you custom swatches so you see & feel the fabric for yourself.

Napkins: First thing your guest will touch once they sit down. Do you have a fold in mind?

Centerpieces: Floral or Non-Floral? That is the question. It's totally up to your style & budget. Fortunately we can help with both.

Draping: Do I want to hide this brick wall? Can the guests see my uplighting? We can help with this as well.

Flatware: Yes we can get you that gold set you saw on Pinterest.


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