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Black Floral Designers Matter


With the Black Lives Matter Movement taking over everyone’s TV, laptop and cellphone screen, I too wanted to make a statement about why I matter as well. Being a black florist specifically, a black floral designer makes me a part of a small tight-knit group across the county as well as the world.

We are the Black Unicorns, the fairies the underdogs shoot sometimes we are the seen as the second in charge and rarely the boss. In 2020 after the untimely deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the world finally started to open their eyes to the injustices in the various communities and one being the wedding industry.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

We were thankful that included our business in their recent post featuring the Top 100 Black-Owned Wedding Industry Professionals to follow and support. It not only put our business in the limelight, but it highlighted smaller brands like ours that haven’t been in business for many years but have still been able to shake the room. Bringing a seat to tables that haven’t always been welcoming to you has not been easy but the path to greatness is not always a paved one. It will be bumpy with hills and mountains along the way. We are ready for the challenge and we hope that you continue to follow Special Event Factory along for the ride!

Thank you to Dovioux Photography for capturing these images last month for Juneteenth!


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